Eating for Happiness

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We've all heard about comfort eating- getting out the ice cream and chocolate when we're feeling blue as a way to deal with our emotions but for many this can turn into a habitually damaging activity (Just look at the numbers of obese children & adults we have nowadays).

However, eating can make you genuinely happy, in a positive way without any of the side effects caused by being overweight.

The key is to listen to your body, pay attention when you eat -you are fueling your body- notice how your body performs on the fuels you use.


When you eat chocolate and sugary foods & snacks, how does your body function, how does it effect your mind, your emotions?  Do you get irritable when you're hungry?  Feel great when you've eaten sugar, but an hour later need more?


What does it feel like when you've eaten breakfast (A light but healthy breakfast is fine if you're not a morning eater- remember the key is to listen to your body). 


What does it feel like when you ate lunch on time?

Dinner early enough so that you're not sleeping on a full stomach?  Did you feel better?  Did you have more energy?  Were your moods more stable? Were you calmer?  Happier?


You don't remember?  Now is the time to become aware of the effects that the foods you eat have on your body. 

One way to do this is to write down at the end of each day what you ate and what your mood/energy levels were like during the day.

Doing this regular is a really effective way of cultivating new positive healthy habits- if you've seen for yourself exactly what they effects eating certain things have on you it's far harder to convince yourself, that it doesn't really matter if I have that 2nd chocolate bar today, it's only a bit of chocolate, what harm can it do?  Because you'll be aware of exactly what the downsides are of eating that chocolate (Or whatever it might be).


Being realistically Aware of what you eat is the first step to being able to take positive action, creating your life the way you want to live it :)  We really are what we eat :)

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