Is twitter altering human consciousness & the way we interact?

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Now, before I start this I'm assuming that you have heard of twitter, for those that have not yet heard of twitter, it's a social networking platform, described as micro-blogging-  “tweeps” have a max of 140 characters to tell their "followers" what's going on in their world, in some aspects it is similar to the Facebook Status Update tool, if you haven’t yet heard of facebook… well I’ll write another blog about that some other time! (From here on in I'm assuming you know about twitter- be warned, explanations end here!)


So… I recently created a twitter account and after 4 weeks of using it I've increased my traffic to my website by 120% and I’ve tweeted with lots of interesting people around the globe exchanging valuable information, as well as having quite a few giggles.  (twitter may even be the reason you're reading this right now!)


I was happily tweeting away and I came across a very interesting tweet from AffirmationSpot "How if at all, do you think twitter is shifting human consciousness, and the way we interact?"

It really set my mind going… particularly about interaction- twitter is all about connection isn't it?  Tweeps communicating with each other and staying connected throughout their day, no matter where they are, or what they’re doing, connections/communications are quicker, and are shared amongst a much wider audience: twitter holds the potential to speed up the law of attraction, minimising the time delay that exists between intention and manifestation.  Twitter is fast tracking manifestation!


The other aspect to the question concerns consciousness, when I am conscious I am aware of my spirit as well as my body and mind. :) so for me twitter has definitely had a positive effect on my consciousness, following people that tweet positive, spiritually profound and humanitarianly uplifting tweets lifts my soul.  


So what effect could twitter have on us as a race? Could twitter be the tool that raises our consciousness globally? Yes it sure could. There is a catch, there are of course lots of people that don’t use twitter to spread uplifting, inspirational, or humorous things, there are plenty that use twitter as a means of communicating things quite the opposite.  Which will win out? Well that’s the same question regardless of focus on twitter, and isn’t that the age old battle we’re all familiar with – good v’s evil- that is if of course you believe good or evil even exist.. and that’s a whole other question!


Twitter therefore does have a huge potential to have an impact on consciousness & the way we interact, and just like anything, it is theintention with which it is used that is the key determinate of outcome.  How will you use twitter


You are the one that has the power to determine what twitter will become- the power truly lies with the “tweeple” 


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    Ray Davis (Tuesday, 14 April 2009 10:29)


    Nice blog post. I love the way you left it as decision at the end...because it always is! :o)

    Stay inspired!


  • #2

    Claire Boyles LifeMatters (Thursday, 16 April 2009 12:12)

    Thanks Ray, totally, there is always a choice :)

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