Child Abuse Report - The Catholic Church In Ireland


As a general rule I don't listen to the news on radio, or watch it on tv, and very seldom do I read newspapers.  I don't do these things because invariably they are filled with negative, traumatic, harrowing or simply frustrating stories!  I prefer to focus my thoughts and attention on the many, many wonderful things in my life and in the lives of those around me.


The reason I'm happy to do this is because when important news happens the people that are around me talk about it- as happened this week in Ireland.  A report was produced on the Child Abuse that had been inflicted over decades on Irish children by the Catholic Church In Ireland quite frankly the bits I did hear about on the radio news made me sick to my stomach. 


The worst is not because the abuse occurred- but that it occurred in an institution of the Catholic Church In Ireland an institution that was given the responsibility by the Irish people to care for and protect their children.  The fact that the abuse was covered up by people whom professed to be living a spiritual life while delivering such horrendous abuse; the complete opposite to what they "talked" about from their pulpits and their confession boxes.  That is what really makes me feel sick, literally to the pit of my stomach.


The Catholic Church In Ireland have been shown to be one of the worst perpetrators of child abuse that I've had the misfortune to hear about, and what is the government’s response?  To discuss the monetary value of the findings of the report.  Uggh!  This really does give me a very unpleasant feeling in my stomach, and anger and outrage!


Where are the discussions about how these children (now adults), can heal from the years of abuse in the childhood?  The discussions about what help and support they need to be able to heal from the trauma & shame that has lived with them all the years of their lives?


Where are the discussions on researching the behaviour that not only allowed these atrocities to occur, but that actively HID them!


Where are the discussions on hiring psychologists/ psychiatrists to analyse the abuse- so that we can identify the root causes- and find solutions to ensure that these things can NEVER happen again?


Where is the research on Irish Society? - The effects it's had on the people of Ireland? The numbers of those abused is so great it surely has had a widespread effect.  Don’t we need to find this out so we can heal it?


I haven't heard answers to these questions, and until we start asking these questions I suspect that nothing will change. 

How many of the perpetrators are still in positions of power within the Catholic Church in Ireland?  When are these people going to be addressed for the abuse they inflicted?


This is a grave moment for Ireland- the Child Abuse Commission report has brought into daylight something which has festered for decades in the dark- but what are we going to do now to start healing?


I'm thinking that the more people that read this report the less likely this is to happen again- follow any of my links "Catholic Church In Ireland" to read it.



The action I took was to write this blog post- it was inspired by Damien Mulley's suggestion, thanks Damien :)


What action can you take to help Ireland heal from this violation by the Catholic Church in Ireland ?




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