Dance @ Funky Seomra!

Funky Seomra Dancing

Last night I went to Funky Seomra it was awesome! I found out about it through twitter- a few weeks ago I came across a friendly person called @funkyseomra and when I looked at his website I was really excited- an alcohol & drug free dance club in Dublin Wooo Hooo!! 


I LOVE dancing, but when I made a decision that my life was better without alcohol back when I was 21 I was dissmayed at the lack of acohol free entertainment venues that were available.  I still go out dancing to clubs,  and enjoy dancing, but getting drink spilt on me on the dance floor is not my idea of fun!  So when I heard about Funky Seomra I was delighted- over a decade after I'd wished for a dance free venue here it was :)


I wasn't quite sure what to expect I met a friend for dinner before hand and both of us discussed what to wear- neither quite sure of what the "norm" of a venue like this was.  I'd already decided on jeans but had a last minute change of plans when i changed my top.


On arrival at the RDS we were greeted with a smile & with free sweets & cloakroom!!  3 things I've never seen in a "normal" venue!  (btw I LOVE jelly babies!)

The atmosphere was really nice- relaxed- friendly-free!  Giant Budda Bags were strewn around the foyer and Shiatsui massages were available for €10!  We bumped into some people & chatted before finding our way onto the dance floor!


It was awesome- there was SPACE to dance!!  The room was vibrant & energised- plenty of atmosphere but we weren't packed in like sardines! That gets a HUGE thumbs up from me!  We jived & funked and danced and bounced the giant balloons above our heads until we needed a break to catch our breaths.


When resting we discovered games!  Childhood games! Fun games!  There was operation, Jenga, and Buckaroo to name but a few.  I played Connect 4 while the beat of the music vibrated through my body & loved every second of it!


We soon headed back to the dance floor and that's pretty much where I stayed until the end of the night.  The last dance spontaneously saw the dance floor turn into a spinning merry go round- everyone dancing around the floor in the same direction!  It was beautiful :)  I skirted round the edges and danced free form, as is my want & I even managed to throw in a few cartwheels in too for good measure!  (Cartwheels always make me feel great to be alive!)


Sincere heartfel thanks to David Mooney for orgnanising this event- there was such an accepting atmosphere which gave people the freedom to express themselves through dance without fear of judgement or ridicule- no need for alcohol to calm the nerves in this venue :)


To be happy in life we need to find the things that make our heart sing, and I am delighted to say I've discovered another one of those :)


What fun activity do you have in your life that makes your heart sing?

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    David Mooney (Monday, 15 June 2009 17:36)

    Hi Claire,
    Such a heartwarming read. Thank you for taking the time to write about your experiences at the Funky Seomra. Its so great to hear feedback so Thank you!
    May you have many more fun filled nights at the Funky Seomra,

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    Claire Boyles (Tuesday, 16 June 2009 14:39)

    You are very welcome :) Thank YOU for organising such a kewl event :)
    I'm looking forward to the next one, isn't it this weekend? :)